Rico Elbaz nude bodybuilder for Muscle Hunks

Catch Rico Elbaz full exposure here

Rico’s Giant behind his Zipper once again majestically unfurls from his skin-tight black leather pants in his newest installment video with MuscleHunks.com. Back on track in leather and shot in a brooding dungeon-like darkened garage, ripped muscledude Rico Elbaz challenges you to worship his mighty engine as he dares, taunts and bullies you into submission. And finally, we wonder – just what does this man eat for breakfast? For when Rico Elbaz explodes – he really explodes.

Catch Rico Elbaz full exposure here

It seems no one can get enough of Rico Elbaz. MuscleHunks model Rico Elbaz graciously volunteers his time and energies trying on a series of posing trunks, g-strings, and jocks. You won’t believe your eyes as Rico inspects the goods: these jockstraps are filled to bursting by Rico’s colossal package! The various pouches tent straight up like flagpoles to the sky as muscleman Rico flexes hard muscles for himself in the mirror, finally bringing himself to a roaring climax.

Catch Rico Elbaz full exposure here

Breathtakingly endowed MuscleHunks model Rico Elbaz is on vacation in Ft Lauderdale, and – damn! It’s raining. Okay, it’s not a total loss – playful Rico is happy to take you through muscle-drenched fantasies in his private pool, back in his bedroom, and in the shower. Here’s a model for those muscle hounds who like their MuscleHunks stars two-fisted – and using both fists to pump the junk! Mmmmmm… Rico’s finger-lickin’ good…..

Catch Rico Elbaz full exposure here

In his first classic MuscleHunks.com video, hard-as-rock muscleman Rico Elbaz gave us a quick tour of some of his favorite muscle fantasies, which always without fail ended with the splendid full-throttle display of Rico’s powerful 10″ engine! Rico’s first video includes his now – classic uniformed cop JO scene, his languorous shower, his mirror JO, and assorted big-engine collages. It’s a field day for the size hounds!


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