Masked Luke Ward jerks his huge boner to a massive cum shot jizz explosion

Maskurbate says: In a society where every citizen is under constant surveillance by the Leader, Big Boner, Luke Ward, people are constantly reminded that they are slaves and must obey his every wishes. Some try to hide their identities for a glimpse of freedom, but wherever they are, he’ll find them. Big Boner then takes control of their bodies while the entire adult community has the obligation to watch. read more

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Maskurbate Frank watch him stroke his large uncut dick and cum all over his well-defined abs


Maskurbate says: Frank’s first ever porn audition is here. This 22 year old tattooed muscle boy chose the mask concept for his first tryout. He liked the vibe, the energy of the website and insisted he had what it took to be appreciated by our members.

Indeed! Frank showed up very confident and ready to show his ripped body. He stripped really slowly, removing one piece of clothing at a time, letting us appreciate his muscles while flexing.

Frank was right, you’ll love him. It’s simply a joy to watch him stroke his large uncut dick and cum all over his well-defined abs.

Enjoy this very intimate scene, listen to the sounds, his voice, the breathing, the stroking. Another great addition.


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Manuel Deboxer and Ben Rose


Maskurbate says: Ben Rose is totally Manuel Deboxer’s type of guy: slim, tattooed, hung and bad boy looking. Most importantly, Ben can take a big cock hard.

There’s no story here, simply good hardcore sex caught on tape. Manuel Deboxer, who has often been featured as a bottom, shows that he is an awesome fucker.


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Maskurbate Max gets his uncut cock out and it quickly gets hard and large

Maskurbate says: Max the squeegee boy was cleaning our car windows when we approached him to model for Maskurbate. Even though he was wearing a t-shirt, it was obvious that he had a great fitness body.

Once inside our studio, we asked him to pose for us, which he had never done before, and it showed a little bit. read more

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Sexy ripped nude dude JP jerks his huge dick


Maskurbate says: It’s been a long time since I had seen JP. He wrote me on Facebook asking if he could make another scene, so I told him to come to my place and show me what his body looks like now, without any promise.

It didn’t take long for me to offer him another scene, but this time, unmasked. 26 y.o. JP really worked hard at the gym and it showed.

Though he gained mass, he kept his flat stomach. Which I like a lot. Having this stud in my living room was awesome! I shot this scene so you could feel like you were in the room with us.


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Straight construction guy Jeremy jerks off his big cock in a mask


Maskurbate says: Jeremy contacted me via Facebook with a very inviting picture attached. All his message said was: ‘Straight guy here, working in construction, very open-minded, naturally built tough, in need of extra cash. Please reply.’

OMG. Are you kidding me? At first I though it was a prank, so I replied with minimum info. Then, a friend of mine knew him and confirmed that this was real. read more

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A smooth fitness body and a huge uncut cock makes male stripper Ricky very popular


Maskurbate says: Ricky delivers a very special performance to celebrate his 20th scene on Maskurbate, returning to Montreal’s Stock bar stage where he first started stripping 10 years ago.

He executes a routine he did back then and added a more hardcore ending for the purpose of this shooting. Ricky first appeared on Maskurbate in 2006.

His smooth fitness body and his huge uncut cock made him instantly popular. Since then, we had a blast working together, finding new ideas to make his scenes exciting. Happy 20th buddy.


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Maskurbate Junior strips down on Montreal’s Stock bar stage


Maskurbate says: Unmasked and live, Junior delivers a very sensual performance on Montreal’s Stock bar stage, exclusive for Maskurbate’s members. This scene really puts emphasis on Junior’s muscled body, his athletic attributes and his sexyness.

See Maskurbate Junior strips down on Montreal’s Stock bar stage here!

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Bodybuilder Zahn strips and jerks his huge cock to a massive load of hot muscle boy cum

Men for Men Blog Maskurbate-Bodybuilder-Zahn-strips-naked-jerks-huge-cock-massive-load-hot-muscle-boy-cum-001-gallery-video-photo Bodybuilder Zahn strips and jerks his huge cock to a massive load of hot muscle boy cum Maskurbate  Porn Gay nude men naked men naked man Men in Masks Maskurbate Zahn tumblr Maskurbate Zahn tube Maskurbate Zahn torrent Maskurbate Zahn pornstar Maskurbate Zahn porno Maskurbate Zahn porn Maskurbate Zahn penis Maskurbate Zahn nude Maskurbate Zahn naked Maskurbate Zahn myvidster Maskurbate Zahn gay pornstar Maskurbate Zahn gay porn Maskurbate Zahn gay Maskurbate Zahn gallery Maskurbate Zahn fucking Maskurbate Zahn cock Maskurbate Zahn bottom Maskurbate Zahn blogspot Maskurbate Zahn ass Maskurbate Zahn Maskurbate Tube Maskurbate Torrent Maskurbate Masked Gay Sex Masked Gay Men hot-naked-men Hot Gay Porn Gay Porn Videos Gay Porn Tube Gay Porn Blog Gay Men in Masks Free Gay Porn Videos Free Gay Porn

Maskurbate says: Bodybuilder Zahn asked us if he could make a second masked scene for Maskurbate saying that he has gained some mass since last time and wanted to show it off. Obviously he was asked to undress and show us why we should make a comeback video with him.

See bodybuilder Zahn strips and jerks his huge cock to a massive load of hot muscle boy cum here!

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Zack Lemec can’t get his big thick dick hard but maybe Dr. Lemec can get a rise out of him

Maskurbate says: Dr. Lemec is a very unique urologist specialized in penile implant surgery. Unique because of his post-surgery follow-ups with his patients.

Zack Lemec is very implicated in their sex life months after the operations and doesn’t hesitate to be part of the action to make sure everything is alright. read more

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