Porter bottoms for Rowan taking his big erect cock hard and deep


Sean Cody says: Sexy muscle boy Rowan is quickly becoming one of the most fun models we have had in a while, so I knew pairing him with muscled hunk Porter would be a good time for all.

“You know I just really like coming here and fucking guys!” Rowan recently admitted that he might not be 100% straight. “You do?” I asked.

“How could you not? I fly out, have great sex, cum and laugh a ton!”

These two hit if off pretty quickly and goofed off in between takes and sometimes even during takes.

“What can I say, he brings out the trouble maker in me!” Porter giggled a bit.

Porter took Rowan like a champ in a bunch of different positions and had a smile on his face the whole time.


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Bareback fucking Tate and Jack


Sean Cody says: Tanned muscled stud Jack takes on young muscle boy Tate. Massive muscleman Jack parts Tate’s smooth butt cheeks and gets his tongue deep into his ass crack. Well lubed with his saliva Tate then presses his aching man hole down hard onto Jack’s hard raw cock.

Jack bare fucks Tate, pumping his hard and deep with his full muscle force pressing his dick right in to his balls. Tate takes the pummelling egging Jack on all the while.

The sexy boys swap positions time and time again until both guys are close to their orgasms. Jack pulls out and shoots the contents of his balls all over Tate. Tate follows shortly unloading his creamy muscle cum over himself.


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Sexy young muscle hunks Brock and Shaw bareback big raw cock ass fucking

Sean Cody says: When Shaw first saw Brock, he immediately got nervous looking at those bulging muscles of his, even though his body is also very impressive. “The guy works out. He’s I mean, he works out.”

Little did Shaw know, Brock requested him because he was as equally as impressed with his amazing body. read more

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Tanner bareback ass fucking hot muscle boy Duncan


Sean Cody says: Sexy young muscle hunk Tanner slips his inquisitive tongue deep between nude muscular dude Duncan’s tight bubble butt cheeks. He rims his man hole getting it nice and wet for his raw cock.

Once fully lubed Tanner slides his hard erect dick into Duncan’s hot bare asshole. Pumping away, Tanner bareback ass fucks Duncan in long slow strokes. His bare cock slipping deeper and deeper till his balls slap against Duncan’s ass cheeks.

The raw ass fucking continues until both muscle boys are close to their orgasms. Then in a quick fire round, first Tanner then Duncan unloads his balls right across each other. Ending in a hot sticky mess.


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Young sexy muscle dude Sean Cody Tracey jerks his big thick dick

Sean Cody says: “Do you have some good assets we’d like to check out today?” “Absolutely! It includes my ass, my dick and the rest of my body.” Tracey didn’t even hesitate and went right for the kill.

See young sexy muscle dude Sean Cody Tracey jerks his big thick dick here!


[This post contains video, click to play]

Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Sean Cody: Rudy

straight quarterback football star Rudy at Sean Cody Download Full Stud Gay Porn Movies Here

Sean Cody introduces Rudy is finishing his last year in college. He was the quarterback on his football team — you can tell by his follow through when he throws the ball around. He grew up in small town in the mid west and considers himself an all-around decent, quiet kind of guy. He’s very striking at first sight. He stands 6’3″ tall, is 210 pounds solid, and is very well built. And even though he’s only 23 he is very mature in his demeanor.

He was very excited about being here. Whenever I get a guy who is a little on the conservative side, I’m always curious about why they want to be naked for the camera.

“Something new,” he replied confidently. “I am always looking for something new.”

“Are you nervous or are you excited?”

“Probably a little bit of both. I guess I don’t know what to expect but I am excited!”

Catch Rudy FULL EXPOSURE here!

straight quarterback football star Rudy at Sean Cody Download Full Stud Gay Porn Movies Here

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