Casting Couch Austin Redding at Dirty Tony

Dirty Tony says: Austin Redding has a few gay friends. So this self-professed straight guy isn’t afraid of being propositioned by another guy. He says he’s not into sex with a dude just for fun. But, if the money’s right, anything can be fun. He’s been telling me he has a big cock and I’m very interested to find out what exactly that means.

He starts massaging it through the red nylon shorts and I can already see a healthy bulge. I can almost smell his ball sweat as he yanks up the leg of his shorts and whips his sausage out for some skin on skin action. He teases his cock gently at first. Then he grips it like a python trying to escape.

He wrestles with his snake, stroking toward the head then strangling it at the base. It’s getting warm in here, so he slips off his shirt; revealing a well developed set of pecs slightly covered in blond hair. The hair continues its way down his flat stomach and makes its way to nicely trimmed bush.

From below, I can see that this hairy stud has just the right amount of fur on his taint, working it’s way into his hot musty crack. He starts to moan and I can see his chest and stomach start to heave with excitement.

He turns to look me directly in the eye and shoots 3 thick wads of man juice onto his beautiful treasure trail. A few more thick ropes linger on his hand, dripping into his bush and trailing over his hip. He’s happy he finally got to do his first porn. Get this video at Dirty Tony!


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