Tyler Black at Paragon Men

Paragon Men says: Why work out when Tyler Black can do it for you? Raise a glass to procrastination as you feast upon this well-oiled muscle machine. Exercise is the best addiction! So says a fiending Tyler aka he with the dreamy liquid eyes. Take a hit of this man-sterpiece – hung by the Paragon Penthouse for patrons of the human high arts.

An aspiring DJ, Tyler is most content behind his headphones where he lives for dirty, sexy house music. The right song at the right moment is one of the few things that can make this emo guy cry. He also uses his DJ skills for sensual purposes, turning up the charm on dates by spinning sexy beats to “mix her panties right off!”

He’s a fan of hygiene (ripe only looks good on fruit), skinny jeans, and inhibitions gone MIA. Where do scruples get you? Certainly not a lusty fan base and title as Paragon Man! Tyler’s 8-pack attack ripples in stark contrast to his swollen drooping dick. At least until it grows as rock hard as the rest of him. Give your heart a break and watch the explosive action here. Get this video at Paragon Men!


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