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Adam Ramzi and Shawn Wolfe

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Landon and Adam trade off fucking Shawn’s mouth and his ass!….. Raging Stallion says: Adam Ramzi It’s fuck-to-the-finish when Shawn Wolfe, Landon Conrad and Adam Ramzi converge on the mat for a no-holes-barred testosterone explosion. Landon and Adam trade off…

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Logan Stevens and Adam Ramzi

RagingStallion Logan Stevens Adam Ramzi cocksucking rimming foreskin big uncut cock naked men balls deep fuck 001 tube download torrent gallery sexpics photo - Logan Stevens and Adam Ramzi

Adam returns the favor by tonguing Logan’s foreskin!…… Raging Stallion says: Two beards, different colors: Logan Stevens’ face is ringed with golden blond scruff, and Adam Ramzi sports a dark, black stubble. Put them together, and they’re immediately tangled in…

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